Joy Bell


Hi, I'm Joy Bell (B. 1960), welcome to my website!

When I am introduced as an artist, the next obvious question is, "what sort of artist are you or medium do you use?." I usually laugh and wonder where do I even begin... Starting in my late teen's I worked as an Epigraphist (Headstones), then as a commercial artist doing Illustration and Paste Up (Oldschool). In 1983, I opened an art gallery in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand. This then morphed into an antique store. For 12 fascinating years, I restored paintings, furniture, ceramics and vintage toys (specialising in Teddybears).

In 1995, I sold up and moved to the countryside. I had two children in quick succession, split with my partner, and have been solo ever since. Working from home became a necessity, and I started selling art at markets, fairs, and galleries. These creations included gilded reverse decoupage vases, found object assemblages and mosaics.

Meanwhile, my small home (1886 Church) was featured in the magazine Home and Garden, and I co-authored a book on mosaics. After creating large mosaic sculptures in my garden, I was commissioned to construct public mosaic works for the last 15 years.

The little church has become my forever home and has been personalised beyond any resale!

Recently, I have been transitioning to a textile artist, particularly faux taxidermy and rug hooking, as the many years of mosaic work have proved tough on my joints.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!